About me

Hi, I’m Kristen, but my friends and family call me Kris.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. Most importantly, I am a child of God. He is teaching me more and more about grace. I hope you will join me in this journey. I hope that some of the lessons I learn will resonate with you. None of us embark on this journey of life alone (although sometimes it feels like it) and I hope through this blog we can grow together, encourage each other and realize we truly aren’t alone.

The inspiration for this blog begins with my daughter, Grace.  She is our middle child and our only daughter. When we purchased our home three years ago we knew that it had served as a hospital at one point in its over 90 year history, we just didn’t know that it was a Catholic hospital. We learned that its name at that time was Mother of Grace. It was meant to be. It was kismet.

I began to think about blogging again to document our large fix-it project. This is what our home is, one huge DIY project. It can get overwhelming at times. Then the blog idea just started growing from there. My sister encouraged me to do recipes because I love to cook and bake. My hubby asked to include budgeting to keep us accountable. Finally, everywhere I looked grace was mentioned. I don’t know about you but I need more grace in my life. I need to remember to give grace to those around me as well as myself. And ultimately, to remember we are the recipients of the greatest gift of grace, God’s grace.

This is a lifestyle blog. We will share recipes, ways to adapt recipes you find on Pinterest when your local grocer doesn’t carry what you need and more. We will talk about life with teenagers; the struggles, the joy, the fears. We will talk about marriage, love, home. We will talk about money, budgeting, and learning what is truly important. We will share our fix-it journey with our home that needs much love. Also, any other DIY project someone in our family does.  (I have quite a talented family. 🙂 ) I am a lover of books and movies, so we will share lessons learned, whether intentional or not from reading or watching.

We will be real. We will be honest. We will learn. We will love. I use ‘we’ because sometimes my hubby will share, as well.  I also hope that you will share with me. That this will be a quest for grace that we can take together.